Crosby’s Elite Temporary Staffing Service Gives You the Power to Assemble the Best Team for Your Workforce Demands and Improve Your Bottom Line. 

One of the nation’s leading providers of staff augmentation services, Crosby delivers dynamic workforce solutions to fulfill your short and long-term needs. We provide temporary resources and flexible staffing solutions to corporations, businesses and organizations in a variety of industries, ensuring a competitive edge in a world of shifting market demands. A certified minority supplier, Crosby helps you keep up with corporate diversity requirements and partners with clients who need MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) and 8(a) certification. Our specialized staffing resources can help federal, state and local government agencies ensure that minority-owned businesses are receiving a portion of government contracts.

Serving clients with a national footprint, we are a full-service workforce management partner that recruits, screens and manages on-demand employees, delivering qualified personnel when you need them most. Whether you’re looking for project-based or supplemental contract employees, our contingent staffing resources are customized to support your workforce strategies.

Delivering Temporary Resources and Flexible Staffing Solutions

Take advantage of our staffing solutions and draw from a pool of talented professionals who will bring a wealth of industry knowledge to your organization. We recruit, screen and retain a highly skilled and diverse workforce, providing the perfect candidates for your company needs. Improve workplace efficiency and productivity by partnering with Crosby – a company in tune with your unique challenges and staffing goals.

Our progressive temporary staffing options will help your business lower turnover, control personnel costs, reduce overtime, and manage fluctuations in seasonal workloads. 

Expert Staffing Resources for a Competitive Edge

  • Recruitment: Let Crosby put our experience to work for you. Our nationwide network of talent acquisition consultants utilizes creative assessment strategies to indentify qualified candidates across a range of industries and occupational specialties. Our flexible staffing options shorten the recruiting timeline, giving you access to a talent pool of skilled individuals who are hand-picked to match your specific needs.
  • Screening: All potential candidates are meticulously screened using risk-reduction strategies including an extensive background check, skill set evaluation and thorough interview. Our vetting process is complemented by an in-depth understanding of the culture of your organization and your workforce needs, ensuring you have the means and resources to staff up or down and maintain a competitive advantage.
  • Hiring: We understand that one-size fits all is never a solution, as businesses are constantly adjusting workforces to meet cyclical demands. With our innovative temporary resources, you can increase or decrease contingent staff in real time, depending on your production needs. We provide temporary hires for short-term or long-term projects, and can develop a tailored staffing plan upon request. And with our temporary-to-hire staffing service, you can audition candidates on a trial basis before hiring them, ensuring you get the best match. At Crosby, we go beyond recruiting and managing to prepare our employees for continued success. Our regular follow-ups, counseling and supplemental training creates additional value to our staffing services. We also cover liability insurance. 

Diversity Demands & Integration

A certified minority supplier, we are experts in corporate diversity demands and integration and offer unparalleled diversity candidates for executive positions and other staffing placements. We have a proven track record of helping businesses find talented diversity employees.

Temporary Staffing Resources

Crosby also provides temporary workforce solutions for the following sectors:

Light Industrial:

  • Distribution Staffing
  • Print Production Staffing
  • Manufacturing Staffing
  • Production Staffing
  • Warehouse Staffing
  • Shipping and Receiving Staffing
  • Construction Staffing


  • Administrative Staffing
  • Receptionist Staffing
  • Call Center Staffing
  • Customer Service Staffing
  • Executive Assistant Staffing


  • IT Staffing
  • Corporate Staffing
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Engineering
  • HR Staffing
  • Accounting Staffing
  • Compliance Staffing

To learn more about the elite-level temporary resources that Crosby can provide, as well as any of our other staff augmentation services, call 301-585-3105.